Conway, Arkansas - October 27, 2012


We need your help. Without volunteers, pyArkansas cannot happen. Here are some areas we need help in:

  • Session moderators - you introduce each speaker, keep track of time for them, field questions. It's actually pretty fun to do, and you get to meet people. When you register, check Yes to this question. Guidelines are up as a Google Doc.
  • Handing out swag bags on Saturday morning
  • Showing up early Saturday morning to help setup - we will (hopefully) have lots of giveways and will need to get it all in the building. There are always tons of last minute things to do on Saturday morning.

When you register, there is question asking you if you would like to volunteer. If you want to, just check Yes, and we'll get in touch with you.

Got an area of expertise you think we could use in planning pyArkansas or just want to help out? Joining our pyArkanasas Organizers list is the way to get in on the planning and stay in the loop.

You can also email the conference Chair, Chad Cooper, at directly.